Voices of Carneros: TJ Evans, Domaine Carneros

The Carneros region is as authentic as those who live and work here. The Carneros Wine Alliance has created “The Voices of Carneros” to allow locals to share their insight and knowledge of Carneros, including secret spots in the region. “The Voices of Carneros” is published regularly on the alliance website and across all social media outlets.

TJ Evans, Domaine Carneros


TJ Evans, Domaine Carneros


Still Winemaker at Domaine Carneros. I moved to Carneros and made it my home in 2008 when I joined the Winemaking team at Domaine Carneros.

My Carneros:

I was raised in the East bay, and have lived in San Francisco, Marin, and now Sonoma. It seems that I am working my way, clockwise, around the bay. From our Tula Vista vineyard, located toward the Western end of Ramal road, I enjoy looking southwest to Mt. Tam, and then southeast to Mt. Diablo. Taking in this vista from vineyards perched on the edge of the bay makes me feel like I am part of this landscape, that is still wide open, yet still so close to the rest of the bay area.

Fun Fact:

I make a White Pinot Noir! It is not a Pinot Blanc, but rather a white wine made from the Pinot Noir grape. This is a little something different that we have been working on for the last several years, and it is an exciting translation of our Carneros terroir.

Secret Spot:

Juanita Juanita. For over 20 years they have been serving great Mexican food at the corner of Arnold Drive and Grove Street. A nice selection of draft beer accompanies the authentic fare. Chicken is their specialty, and the salsa verde is exceptional (and spicy).

In Person: www.flickr.com/CarnerosWine