Heidi Soldinger, Marketing Director, Saintsbury

The Carneros region is as authentic as those who live and work here. The Carneros Wine Alliance has created “The Voices of Carneros” to allow locals to share their insight and knowledge of Carneros, including secret spots in the region. “The Voices of Carneros” is published regularly on the alliance website and across all social media outlets.

Heidi Soldinger, Marketing Director, Saintsbury

In photos: Jet & Sadie (Saintsbury dogs), Heidi Soldinger (Marketing Director, Saintsbury)
and David Graves (co-founder, Saintsbury & past-president, Carneros Wine Alliance)

Heidi Soldinger, Marketing Director, Saintsbury


I was at Roederer/ Maisons Marques & Domanies for 7 ½ years before coming to Carneros. I'll never forget my interview with Dick & Dave (co-founders of Saintsbury). We were sitting in Saintsbury's front room surrounded by art (from di Rosa artists' and David's wife, Elizabeth) books and wine bottles. They presented themselves, and the winery, in such a frank and honest manner. I knew immediately this is where I wanted to be.

My Carneros:

To me, Carneros is all about embracing diversity—farmers & winemakers, Napa & Sonoma, non-Bordeaux varieties, wetlands & rolling hills, young & old, artists & backcountry kids, wine & beer, dirt roads & a two lane highway. We've got it all!

Fun Fact:

My daily "commute" to Saintsbury is Buhman-to-Old Sonoma Rd-to-Hwy 121-to-Los Carneros Ave. During those 10 minutes, I zone in on my surroundings. In the last few days, I've spotted a hawk on Buhman and a white egret that hangs out by the cows and pond behind the Carneros Inn. Carneros is full of wildlife.

Secret Spot:

I love Sunday Suppers outside at the Fremont Diner with Shane (husband) and Keith Richard (dog). There is nothing like ending a week with ribs, a bottle of Pinot and family. During the work week, I like a glass of rose in the Saintsbury garden at violet hour—magic!

In Person: www.flickr.com/CarnerosWine
Carneros Wine Alliance
The Carneros Wine Alliance is a non-profit association of wineries and grape-growers in the Carneros American Viticultural Area (AVA).  Carneros is the only appellation located at the crossroads of two major wine regions, the Napa and Sonoma Valleys.  Influenced by the maritime breezes and fog from its southern border with the San Pablo Bay, Carneros produces the region’s finest Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and sparkling wines. The Carneros Wine Alliance is committed to promoting the distinction, diversity and above all, quality, of the grapes and wines from Carneros.