Juciy Tales by Jo Diaz: Carneros Wine Alliance Annual Spring Barrel Tasting ~ 2019

Would I endorse Carneros Wines as a region? You bet I would, in a heartbeat. It was a lovely day in Carneros, at The Donum Estatethe host winery for this educational, wine event.


The Obvious ~ The Hook, Something from the Heart

SHE: Hello, I’m going to ask you only one question, because I’d honestly like to connect with each of you here today.

HE: Fair enough.

SHE: Okay, here it is. “There are at least 10,000 brands in the whole wide world. Each company has a unique point of view, based on its own history and development over time. I want to know, in this context, what makes your brand so unique, from ALL others in the world.”

HE: Hum… Let me think about that for a minute. It’s a good question, and I’ve never thought about what the answer would be.

I repeated that 17 times, pushing people out of their comfort zones. <....>

They all know they’re in a cool climate, and take great joy in where they are as it relates to their wines. This is not a commodity wine group; these are passionate people and it’s serious business in Carneros.